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Ladder Safety for General Industry Online Course

Ladders are useful tools in the industrial environment since they allow workers to gain access to high areas. However, it is for this same reason that they can cause accidents and injuries when misused.

With that said, this online course is here to address the various issues associated with ladder safety.

By taking this course, participants will learn about common ladder hazards, harm prevention, job site protection, techniques to choose the appropriate ladder, and so much more. On average, the course can take around 45 minutes or so.

Course Topics

  • Most common ladder injuries and falls
  • How to practice ladder safety in the workplace
  • Factors to consider when choosing a ladder
  • Different types of ladders
  • Ladder hazards
  • How to carry out inspections of ladders
  • Habits and practices to prevent accidents
  • The right way to maintain ladder quality

Pass Mark and Certificate of Completion

Before the end of the Ladder Safety for General Industry online course, all participants will have to take a test. The course’s specific questions will ensure that the participants have adequately taken in the presented information.

To pass, participants will need to attain a score of 80 percent or more. This might seem steep, but they are allowed to take the test two more times if they fail to meet it the first time around.

Once they obtain the necessary score, they will be issued a certificate of completion. After this, they can then download and print the document.

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