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A Guide to Duct Cleaning Machine Rental

If you are the type that loves maintaining your ducts, you sure can’t stand it being filled with dust and grime. Ready to get them squeaky clean again? You could hire an expensive duct cleaning service to do the dirty work. But considering the cleaning cost, you can save some money and rent air duct cleaning equipment to do it yourself. It’s not as complicated as you might think. And you don’t have to purchase any equipment!

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to rent equipment and get your ducts spotless. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be a pro at duct cleaning and ready to get down and dirty.

Why Rent a Duct Cleaning Machine?

Renting a duct cleaning machine is a smart, affordable option to clean the air ducts in your house deep yourself. You don’t even need to worry about any hazardous products while cleaning.

Here are a few reasons why renting makes sense:

Save Hundreds of Dollars

A team of professionals typically charges $500-$1000 per HVAC system. Renting a machine for a day may cost $50-$200—a huge savings.

DIY Project You Can Handle

Using a rented duct cleaning machine is straightforward and requires no special skills. The equipment comes with instructions to guide you through the process!

Clean Ducts On Your Schedule

No need to take time off work to accommodate a duct cleaning service. You can conveniently rent the machine and work at your own pace. Plus, you can save time while you are at it.

Powerful Pro-level Equipment

In addition, rental machines provide the same deep cleaning power as the pros use to suction out built-up dust and debris from your air ducts and vents. So, why not do it yourself?

Disposable Components Minimize Mess

Most rented duct cleaners come with disposable hoses, filters, and other parts, so you don’t have to be covered in dirt and dust afterward. Just throw them out!

For the best results, rent a machine specifically designed for duct and vent cleaning that uses source removal methods like brushing, agitation, and suction. Avoid basic shop vacs, which can’t adequately clean most HVAC systems.

When you pick up the rental, the staff will show you how the equipment works and provide any needed attachments. They may also advise you on safety gear like goggles, gloves, and masks to wear during cleaning.

Types of Duct Cleaning Equipment Available for Rent

You can rent a few types of duct cleaning equipment to get the job done yourself. The most common are:

Rotary Brushes

These motorized brushes loosen debris and push it out. They come in various sizes for different duct sizes. For larger ducts, rent an extension to attach multiple brushes. The brushes will dislodge dirt and dust, so be prepared to vacuum frequently.

Air Compressors

If you want to blast away built-up grime, rent an air compressor. These units force high-pressure air through your ducts to blow out dust and debris. Air compressors are very effective, especially for stubborn blockages. However, they require more setup, and the blowing air may spread a lot of debris into the surrounding area. Exercise caution and cover vents before using.


A heavy-duty vacuum, like an industrial wet/dry vac, will suction out loose dirt and debris from your ductwork. For smaller ducts, you may need special vacuum attachments to reach inside. While vacuuming can remove surface-level buildup, it may not clean as deeply as other methods. It also produces a lot of noise and requires frequent filter cleaning.

And don’t forget—clean ducts mean fresher, cleaner air and a more energy-efficient HVAC system. The rewards are well worth the work!

Factors to Consider When Renting a Duct Cleaning Machine

A man holding a cleaning brush

When renting a duct cleaning machine, there are a few important things to remember. We’ve curated a list below:


Choose a machine rated for residential or commercial use based on your needs. A portable machine with 100 to 200 feet of hose will work well for most homes.

Look for a machine with solid suction and agitation tools like brushes to loosen built-up debris. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are best for trapping small particles. Ask if the rental includes additional hoses, tools, or filters you may need.

Space Preparation

Afterward, you need to clear the area around registers and returns before starting. Have a shop vac on hand to vacuum up loose dirt and debris. Cover carpets, furniture, floors, and doorways with plastic sheeting. And place drop cloths below ceiling vents since debris will fall during cleaning. Grab a ladder if necessary but be careful with it.


Plan how you will route the hose through the ductwork. Many homes have ducts that are not easily accessed, so determine the best path based on your floor plan. You may need to remove some registers or grills to access tighter areas. Secure the hose to avoid getting stuck, but avoid kinking it. Run the hose from the furnace or air handler to registers and returns, cleaning each section simultaneously.


Turn the machine on and feed the spinning brush or agitation tool into the duct with the hose. Slowly pull back to loosen the debris and pull it into the hose. Make multiple passes to clean each section thoroughly. Then, empty the machine frequently to avoid clogging. Clean secondary heat exchangers and coils in the furnace cabinet as well. Be careful while cleaning the duct to prevent injuries, but have a first aid box within your reach.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Duct Cleaning Machine?

Renting a duct cleaning machine typically costs between $75 to $200 per day, depending on the size and power of the unit. Like most rentals, the longer you rent, the lower the daily rate. It’s best to call a few local equipment rental stores to compare rates- we certainly offer great rates!

When determining how long to rent, consider that an average residential duct cleaning with a typical number of vents and registers may take 3 to 5 hours for a small crew to complete. Add time for setting up, cleaning up, and returning the equipment. It’s best to schedule at least 1 to 2 days for the rental to be safe. An extra day allows for unforeseen issues and avoids late fees for returning equipment after store hours.

In summary, for a standard home duct cleaning rental, you can expect to pay $75 to $200 per day for a total cost of $150 to $400 or more. It all depends on the size of your system and rental duration. While it may seem like an added cost, renting the proper cleaning equipment ensures an effective job and improves indoor air quality.

Where to Rent Duct Cleaning Machines

When it comes time to deep clean your air ducts, renting the necessary equipment is often the most affordable option. Here are some of the top places to rent duct cleaning machines and accessories:

Local Tool Rental Shops

Home improvement stores provide rental equipment, including duct cleaning equipment. We rent industrial vacuums, air compressors, hoses, and other accessories needed for DIY duct cleaning. Depending on the specific equipment, rental rates average $50 to $200 daily. Be sure to reserve equipment in advance, especially if you need it on a weekend.

Party & Event Rental Stores

Party rental stores that supply equipment for weddings and corporate events will sometimes rent duct cleaning machines and accessories. They may have a wider selection of commercial equipment to choose from. However, their daily rental rates tend to be on the higher end. It’s best to call a few local party rental stores to compare availability and pricing.

Commercial HVAC Supply Stores

Some HVAC wholesale supply stores will rent duct cleaning equipment, especially to professional contractors. While they may charge slightly higher rates, the equipment is designed for heavy-duty, commercial use. If you explain you’re renting as a DIY homeowner, some supply stores may be willing to rent to you, especially if you have experience. It’s worth checking with stores in your area to find out their rental policy.

Final Words On Duct Cleaning Machine Rental

That’s everything you need to know to rent a duct cleaning machine and get those dusty vents sparkling clean again! It may seem intimidating. But with the right equipment and preparation, you’ll be cruising through those air ducts in no time.

Save money by doing it yourself and feel satisfied with accomplishing such an important home maintenance project. Besides, you can breathe easily knowing your HVAC system runs as efficiently. Once you enter the groove, you might find duct cleaning oddly therapeutic! Give it a shot—it’s worth a trial for the sake of your wallet, home, and lungs.

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