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Someone cleaning a duct

A Guide to Duct Cleaning Machine Rental

If you are the type that loves maintaining your ducts, you sure can’t stand it being filled with dust and grime. Ready to get them squeaky clean again? You could hire an expensive duct cleaning service to do the dirty work. But considering the cleaning cost, you can save some money and rent air duct cleaning equipment to do it yourself. It’s not as complicated as you might think. And you don’t have to purchase any equipment!
This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to rent equipment and get your ducts spotless. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be a pro at …


Vaping Technology’s Most Recent Advancements

Product makers and industry executives have strived to improve the vaping experience since the inception of the business. Since then, more individuals have resorted to vaping as a safer option than cigarettes, not only because it is safer but also because of the cutting-edge technologies available.
Of course, the vaping market today looks nothing like it did when it first began. With advancements like Bluetooth, voice control, and stronger batteries, contemporary vaping technology today offers the best vaping situations.
Here are some of the latest developments in vaping technology that is altering the game.
Top 5 Latest Innovations in Vaping …


First Aid Awareness Online Course

In this comprehensive online course, participants will learn everything they need to know about appropriately responding to medical emergencies and injuries while on the job site.
This First Aid Awareness program has been designed with course modules that offer detailed demonstrations and instructions on correctly administering first aid.
This course can be taken by interested individuals, regardless of whether or not the participant had previous first aid training. The class will take around 60 minutes to complete.
Course Topics

Scene assessment
Primary survey
Signs, symptoms of a heart attack
First aid for angina and heart attacks


Online Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Course

This is an online course whose goal is the prevention of deaths, diseases, and injuries in the workplace. It implements a Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals.
Here, participants will learn about the different hazardous products, protection methods, and courses of action to take if untoward incidents occur on the job site. On average, the course can be completed within two hours.
Course Topics

Health and physical hazards
Preventive health and safety measures
Personal protective equipment
Hazard classifications
Symbols and pictograms
Safety and hazard information
Information in safety data sheets
Training and …

Ladder Safety for General Industry Online Course

Ladders are useful tools in the industrial environment since they allow workers to gain access to high areas. However, it is for this same reason that they can cause accidents and injuries when misused.
With that said, this online course is here to address the various issues associated with ladder safety.
By taking this course, participants will learn about common ladder hazards, harm prevention, job site protection, techniques to choose the appropriate ladder, and so much more. On average, the course can take around 45 minutes or so.
Course Topics

Most common ladder injuries and falls
How to practice ladder safety in the workplace
Factors to consider when choosing a ladder

Back Safety in Industrial Workplaces Online Course

This online course will teach participants safe lifting practices and information about the most prevalent back injuries in industrial environments.
Using the Whole Life/Health Cycle approach to safety training, our program covers various techniques to help keep workers on the job site healthy, productive, and safe.
By the end of the course, participants will be familiar with the human back, back health, the importance of warmups, and proper ways to lift. It will take approximately an hour to complete.
Course Topics

Human back anatomy
The Whole Life/Health Cycle
Safe lifting habits and practices
Back warmups and exercises

Pass Mark and Certificate of Completion…