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Our Protection Plan

We are here to ensure that your project will not be interrupted in any way. So, allow us to make the process smoother by eliminating unnecessary stress related to the rental equipment.

Consider availing of our protection plan, which will give you the peace of mind that you need. This way, you can relax with complete confidence that the rental equipment is secured and protected.

What Our Protection Plan Covers

1. Theft

Clients will need to supply us with a police report within 24 hours of knowledge of the theft.

2. Cosmetic Damage

This covers non-structural damages, scrapes, and scratches that typically occur while using this equipment.

3. Accidental Damage

This coverage only extends to damage that does not come from intentional misuse or abuse.

Loss Damage Waiver

This optional loss damage waiver reduces the costs for damages to or loss of equipment during the time that it is under the care of the client. However, you should keep in mind that this does not count as insurance.

Therefore, it does not cover the liability of the customer for personal injury, loss of time, or property damage. Instead, it works with personal or business insurance to lower the risk of damage or loss while renting the machinery.