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Safety and Training

We are also pleased to offer in-class certifications that take four to six hours to complete on average. Here are some of our training courses:
1. Aerial Work Platforms and Lifts Operator Training
This certification program typically lasts 4 to 6 hours. It is open to qualified companies and individuals.
Our customers may also take this program, and two segments comprise this course. The first phase focuses on theory, while the second one is all about practical evaluation.
2. Fork Truck Operator Training
This course will teach participants how to safely and efficiently operate industrial-powered fork trucks that comply with OSHA regulations.
Here, they will …

Rental Equipment

Aerial Lifts

10’ Electric Scissors
12’ Electric Scissors
15’ Electric Scissors
16’ Vertical Mast Lifts
19’ Electric Scissors
20’ Electric Scissors
20’ Vertical Mast Boom Lifts
20’ Vertical Mast Lifts
25’ Vertical Mast Lifts
26’ Electric Scissors
26’ RT Scissor Lifts
30’ Electric Articulating Boom
30’ Vertical Mast Lifts
32’ Electric Scissors
32’ RT Scissor Lifts
34’ Electric Articulating Boom
34’ Towable Electric Articulating Boom
35’ RT Scissor Lifts
39’ Crawler Boom
40’ Electric Scissors

Our Services

Aside from equipment rental, you can also trust us to deliver a good range of solutions and services to ensure smooth operations on the job site.
Our reliable professionals have been trained to provide valuable assistance to any project. We promise to have someone help you in only a matter of hours.
1. Project Design
Are you working on a sewage-pumping or water-pumping project? If so, you can get in touch with us for a consultation that will result in the most efficient project design that minimizes risk.
2. In-Field Analysis
Maybe you are not sure what kind of equipment the project calls for. If that’s the case, an expert can help by evaluating the project on the…