Propane ROT Training | 4-5 HOURS

As specified by the TSSA and Ministry of Labour , only persons holding a valid certificate showing training in the safe handling of propane/natural gas powered heaters and equipment can handle the propane on a construction site.

  • This course is given under TSSA instructor license #000155244 (TP615)
  • Safe handling and storage of propane cylinders
  • Safe handling and use of propane/natural gas heaters and torches (under 400,000 btu). This covers both Vapour and liquid propane systems
  • Hazards of propane
  • Safety devices used in propane equipment and storage vessels.
  • Connecting and disconnecting propane bottles safely from heaters, torches and propane powered equipment.
  • Proper construction of a propane storage area when storing bottles on a construction site.