Fall Arrest/Fall Protection | 4-5 HOURS

This course is designed to ensure that employees who must work at heights or exposed to fall hazards are properly trained in Fall arrest and the equipment choices available and its use. Fall Protection is a system or methods deployed to help ensure a fall doesn’t occur and various methods of Fall protection are also taught.

  • All applicable legislation as it applies to guard rails, covers, Ladder and scaffold safety.
  • The relative legislation as it pertains to the actual fall arrest equipment and components and use of the equipment.
  • Options and variations in equipment the employee can choose to suit different situations and discussing task specific equipment used for fall arrest.
  • Calculating your safe fall height for the equipment used and for the individual situation or work environment.
  • Discussion of post fall rescue planning and the hazards of static suspension and correct recovery of a fall victim and procedures.
  • Demonstration of how to properly wear a fall arrest harness.
  • Pre-use inspection of the employees fall arrest equipment and record keeping.