Work Place Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) | 4-5 HOURS

  • WHMIS is not transferable from company to company. Each company must offer WHMIS training to new employees specific to their business.
  • This course is modified for each company/industry to ensure materials are relevant to the chemicals and controlled products the employees could use are covered.
  • This course discusses the various ways WHMIS information is distributed and the required labeling used on containers and WHMIS symbols found on the containers and there meaning.
  • How to identify the controlled products in a workplace and the requirements for MSDS records and files and access|
  • The use of engineering controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipment and how to properly select the correct equipment for each chemical or process and care for that equipment
  • A discussion on the specific chemicals and there hazards as they apply to that company or industry in general