SkidSteer/Mini Excavator

Operator Safety

SkidSteer/Mini Excavator Operator Safety | 6-7 HOURS

The outline of this course is to inform the operator of the proper and safe use of a skidsteer loader and Mini Excavator. This course is not currently mandatory, but is a good choice as a part of an overall due diligence plan for employees utilizing this equipment.

  • Safe entering and exiting the vehicles
  • Safe trenching practices when using a mini excavator
  • Choosing the correct straps and chains when lifting loads
  • The responsibilities of the operator under the OHSA
  • Pre use inspections of the equipment and jobsite.
  • Use of a signaler and proper standard hand signals and the signalers responsibilities

Course costs are determined by the size of the class, location and if any equipment is needed to be transported to the training location. If 2 courses are being taught on the same day for the same company a special rate will be given for multiple courses and package arrangements can be made if multiple training sessions are required over a longer period.