Industrial Forklift | 6-8 HOURS

This course when completed certifies the participants in the use of industrial straight mast forklifts and ensures understanding of the requirements and responsibilities of the operator. This course may be required if your employees use a skidsteer loader with a fork attachment.

  • Proper load security and proper load handling
  • Determining if the load to be lifted is within the rated capacity of the forklift, includes how to determine the load centre
  • How to determine the capacity of the forklift.
  • Various attachments for forklifts and their effect on stability and handling and capacity.
  • Safe driving and operation of the forklift.
  • S discussion on the stability triangle and the way forklifts are designed and engineered.
  • Proper load placement and removal of loads from a rack or storage area.
  • Pre use site and equipment inspection and documentation.