Loss Damage Waiver

Thank you for choosing CRS Contractors Rental Supply Limited Partnership for your rental equipment needs.

As an additional service to our account customers, Contractors Rental Supply Limited Partnership offers a Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) to help reduce the cost to you for loss or damage to equipment while on rent under normal working conditions. The charge will be 14% of the rental price and will be automatically applied at the time of rental. You can decline coverage by providing a copy of proof of insurance for rented equipment with your application.


  • Loss or Damage occurring to the rental equipment while on rent and used under normal working conditions.


  • Equipment that is used for a purpose for which it was not designed.
  • Damage to tires.
  • Misuse, abuse, or intentional damage.
  • Mysterious disappearance.
  • Equipment not maintained or not maintained correctly.

Please indicate on the page attached whether you wish to accept or decline the coverage. If you wish to decline, you must provide us with your insurance information. If you choose accept the coverage, LDW will be charged on all future rentals or until we are notified of your elected change by mail or fax.

If you do not complete and return the attached form you will be charged LDW automatically.

Please mail to the address or fax to the fax number on this letterhead, your completed form. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.

The Loss Damage Waiver implementation date was May 1, 2006.


  • I have read and understand the Contractors Rental Supply Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), and acknowledge the automatic 14% charge on rentals for which the "LDW" is applicable and wish to:
    • Accept* - the LDW option and will advise CRS of any change in status.
    • Decline* - the LDW option and will advise CRS of any changes to your carrier, coverage or policy number.
  • The Loss Damage Waiver (formerly Contactors Protection Plan) was implemented May 1, 2006.